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How To Advertise On Instagram For Free?


How To Advertise On Instagram For Free?

06/29/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Digital marketing

Instagram advertisement is an efficient way to market your product on social media platforms by using Facebook targeting tools and options.

In this blog, we will be looking at how you can advertise on Instagram free but first see what is meant by Instagram ads?

What are Instagram ads?

In simple words, Instagram ads are stories and posts that you share on your Instagram feed to promote a business. They look like normal Instagram posts but you can differentiate them by viewing the “Sponsored” label on such posts. These posts sometimes have a call-to-action button to target the audience or conversation.

There are different types of Instagram ads, such as

1- Carousel ads

2- Collection ads

3- Photo ads

4- Video ads

5- Stories ad

How to advertise on Instagram?

Generally, there are two methods to advertise on Instagram. The simplest method is to promote existing stories or posts within the app directly. Another way is to make an Instagram ad by using Facebook Ads Manager, it gives you more options for customization.

Let's check how the first method works.

Advertise on Instagram from the app

Using your Instagram profile to promote an existing post is the simplest way to initiate advertising on Instagram. This is just like the Boost Post option available for Facebook ads.

You can easily get more users by promoting the post that is already doing well. It is a quick and easy way to increase the number of followers. Only you need to have an Instagram creator or business account to do it. Then click on Promote button under the post of your choice.

Advertise on Instagram using Facebook Ads Manager

Since Facebook claims Instagram so the advertising tool for these social media platforms is tightly integrated. As a result, Facebook ads managers can be used to create ads that can be shown on Instagram. Facebook ads manager provide various customization options

Let's check how you can create your first Instagram ad by using the Facebook ad manager.

Pick your objective

To start creating your add go to Ads Manager and click on +create. There are two methods to create an ad. The first one is Guided creation, it is the simplest way to create an Instagram ad, you only have to follow the steps it doesn't allow you to do much customization.

Another method is quick creation; it is slightly complicated as compared to guided creation as it gives you more control to customize your ad

Let's see how Guided Creation works.

The very first thing you need to do is choose the objective of your ad. There is a list of objectives that are offered by the Facebook ads manager. Such as

1- Brand awareness

2- Reach

3- App install

4- Conversation

5- Video views

Once you have chosen your ad objective, now you can name your ad campaign

Target the right audience:

Now you have to decide to whom you want to show your ad. Since Facebook owns Instagram so you already have a strong audience to target with your ad. These go far beyond standard demographic data such as gender, location, and age.

Select your ad locations:

In this section, you will decide where you want to display your ad. There are two options available

  • Automatic Placements: In automatic placement, ads will automatically display wherever they will find to perform well.
  • Manual Placements: In manual placement, you will decide where you want to show your ad. For example, you can choose that your ad will appear on Instagram stories only.

Decide your budget:

Now you have to decide how much you would like to spend on your ad. There are different choices available like you can choose a lifetime budget or daily budget offer. Infect you can also run your ads only at a specific time of the day or throughout the day.

Create your Instagram ad:

Start creating your ad by choosing the right format for your ad and fulfill all the details till confirmation.

Once you clicked the confirmation button, Congrats! You have created your very first ad!

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