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How to search for a word on a web page chrome?


How to search for a word on a web page chrome?

03/17/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

Searching For Words on Web Page

Imagine you are writing the assignment and cannot find the meaning of specific words; you are going to open Google, right? Well, we thought the same! Google is the most used search engine platform out there. It is integrated with excellent tools that help everyone surf the internet. Similarly, Google Find is the ultimate tool.

This is because Google Find helps search the specific phrases and words on every website. With this article, we are sharing in-depth details about how you can search for a word on a web page chrome!

To begin with, Google Find is the ultimate tool for searching specific phrases and words. This tool is pretty unique since it helps search for specific keywords and terms on the web page. It doesn’t matter if you want to search for a word or outline the complete article; Google Find helps everyone. The best thing is that it allows the users to search for the number of references on the word.

Eventually, it will help everyone understand how specific terms and words are used on the web page. For example, using Google Find on the high-performing web page will allow the users to see how specific keywords were used. As a result, the users can assess how many times the words are used, how frequently it’s used, and where it’s used in every web page and article.

Using the Google Find Tool – The Tutorial

Searching the specific words or phrases on the web page through Google Find is incredibly easy. There are some steps essential for it, and you will be able to find out the words and phrases. The steps involve the following;

Opening the Web Page

The first step is to open the chrome browser and open the web page where you need to use the Google Find tool. Google Find is designed to work with every web page, so there are no limitations. However, it’s suggested to let the web page load properly.

Opening the Chrome Tools

Once the web page is completely loaded, click on the three dots available on the top-right corner for Google. It will open the dropdown menu, and you can choose the “Find” option. However, if you are Google Chrome on the PC, you will need to click on three bars to open the dropdown menu.

Enter the Word

When you press the find button, it will open the popup box, and it looks like the search box. In the field, you need to enter the word or phrase and hit the enter button. If you have to run the second search, you will need to delete the previously typed word for typing in the new one.

Close the Tool

After you have searched every word or phrase that you wanted, you can close the Find tool. For this purpose, you will need to press the “x” button on the corner of the box. This is all you need to know about using the Google Find tool. Even more, you can press the Ctrl + F button for Windows and Command + F for Mac for using Google Find tool!

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