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Is there a free version of SEMrush?


Is there a free version of SEMrush?

04/05/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

What Is SEMrush?

Building the best-performance website isn’t as easy as it seems on those YouTube videos. That being said, your website needs a well-integrated SEO toolkit, but it will eventually be dictated by the goals and budget, of course. The number of SEO toolkits is increasing, but the free version of SEMrush has become the talk-of-the-town. But is there a free version of SEMrush for real? And is the free version any good? Does it promise better performance? Can it help improve website ranking? Well, we will see if there indeed is a free version of SEMrush and what it has to offer!

Before diving into the freebies, understanding what SEMrush is important. It’s the software with which companies can execute SEO campaigns and digital marketing. Truth be told, it’s the all-in-one digital marketing platform with which users can run PPC, social media marketing, SEO, and content marketing campaigns. With SEMrush, the users can outline the trends in the industry.

SEMrush is responsible for auditing the on-page SEO that helps improve the web pages. It allows the users to gain a better understanding of the page and optimize the web pages for better lead generation. It can help identify the result-oriented keywords for the specific campaigns along with the keywords being used by the competition.

Does SEMrush Have A Free Version?

First things first, SEMrush does have a free version, but you cannot get everything with this. We are saying this because SEMrush does have a free version, but there are limitations involved. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the free version has a sampling of features as compared to the paid account. The free version is suitable for beginner or low-budget marketers.

However, if your company cannot do with the limited features, you might be risking the entire budget before you leverage the features. Generally, with the free version of SEMrush, the users can access ten results. In this section, we are sharing some features and functionalities associated with the free version of SEMrush, such as;

10 Searches Per Day

With the free version, the users can have ten searches per day with keyword analytics or domain analytics. That being said, the users can use the search bar for pulling the reports only ten times on a per-day basis

10 Requests Per Day

This means that users can make only ten requests for the analytics reports for organic positions

Keyword Magic Tool

The users can save the recent research through the keyword magic tool, and it will show the keyword research history (the paid version has 350 requests)


With the free version, the users have the capacity to create and manage one project. It will offer the dashboard with the main metrics of every tool

Pages to Crawl

The free version will offer the site audit, so you can access the performance and health score of the website

Position tracking tool

The users can track ten keywords according to the types of devices and locations

SEO ideas units

These units can be communicated between different SEO tools

Research queries

The users can access two research queries with topic research

PDF report

The users can get their hands on one PDF report

As the saying goes, “there is no free lunch in this world, while there is a free version of SEMrush, it doesn’t bring a lot of functionalities and features for which SEMrush is known for. So, if you aren’t real tight on budget, it’s better to invest in the paid version to unlock all the features that SEMrush has to offer.

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