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About Bulk URL Shortener

Whenever you are creating links and building affiliate links, it’s best to shorten them through a mass URL shortener. FreeSEOToolBox has designed the bulk URL shortener tool with which you can convert the long links into a short form for easier accessibility.

FreeSEOToolBox has designed this multi URL shortener which can be used for shortening the long URL or link into the short form. This tool is extremely convenient to use, and you can shorten the link with one click. In addition, you can get the export feature for saving the URLs in the text file.

To begin with, this tool is extremely convenient and quick to use. With advanced tracking, tracking the URLs will be easier. The tool is designed with an API gateway, so you shorten as many URLs as you want, and advance search can be used for filtering the data. The tool is completely free to use, and it won’t compromise on the quality of links. FreeSEOToolBox has used encryption features to ensure the protection of your links and related data. So, just add the long URL and get it shortened within a few seconds!


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