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We regularly use the domain names to look for our desired websites but it is important to know the IP address as well. So, if you want to know IP address detail, you can use the free domain into the IP tool by FreeSEOToolBox! 

This domain name tool is very easy to use with the domain name finder options in which you have to convert domain name into IP address. Once you will enter all these details then it becomes easy for users to get desired domain into IP address easily.

It is important to know the domain name as well as IP address because domain name can be used with any browser and it's really a simple task for users. If you want to find domain name into IP address, all you have to do is domain source and then enter domain name.

After entering domain name in search bar, click on show domain button and it will domain name in IP address.

It is very easy to convert domain name into IP address through domain source. It is really time-consuming task for users if they do not know domain name into IP address easily. That's why FreeSEOToolBox has launched this useful tool to help users find domain names quickly into the IP address.

The IP address is used to identify a specific website and differentiates one website from another. It is basically an addressing system that identifies the devices that are connected to the internet. So, all internet-connected devices have a unique IP address. There is four number in the IP address and each of them has three numbers. These numbers are separated through the dot. When you visit any website through your domain name, it is actually the IP address of that website which gets connected to your domain name.

Let's try to make this clearer. When you type in, what actually happens behind the screen is that is resolved into an IP address and then a request for a domain name is made to the domain name servers with the IP address. These domain servers are really fast and they look for the matching domain name that you have typed in. As soon as domain name server match your domain name that points to a specific website, your computer will receive the information of that particular website's IP address immediately, thus providing you with the domain name of that website.

However, if you are unable to get the desired result, then there might be several reasons for the same. It can either be because the domain name probely is no longer available or you typed in an invalid domain name on your browser. There could also be possibility that the domain registration is not yet over and domain name is not yet released.

The domain is simply a website name and users can access the website after entering the domain URL. It is mostly used for providing a name to the domain servers and domain name servers or domain resolvers. The domain name server (DNS) controls the domain names and they are connected to your domain name.

If you want to create a website with some domain, then firstly, you need to register that domain on any of the domain name registrars. You can either go for domain name registration or domain name transfer (depending upon the domain extension and domain renewal).

When someone visits a website, the domain name of that particular website gets resolved through domain name servers and these domain resolvers make out the IP address based on which you get access to your desired website. However, there are certain cases where some DNS servers might not function properly or there are domain name errors that might not allow you to access your desired domain names.

Domain Name Server (DNS) servers are responsible for resolving domain names into the corresponding IP addresses. They are also responsible for resolving sub-domain names, domain aliases, domain URLs apart from domain name itself. There are many third party domain name resolvers which are also known as domain name system or domain name servers.

Yes, the tool is free to use because all you have to do is input the domain URL and it will provide you with the IP. This is very simple tool and required no Subscrption. It has been developed by FreeSEOToolBox to help people in need.

This tool can be very beneficial because it provides you with quick access to your domain IP. Tools like these are used by webmasters for identifying their website's IP address, make changes accordingly if required and then perform a test to see how the changes have been made. Quite valuable for those who know how to use this tool.

This tool can be used for a number of purposes. Some may use it to show the content hosted in a given domain while some may use it to identify their own website's IP address.


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