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Generate favicon for your website by any image. This tool converts any PNG, JPEG or GIF into ICO file Which can be used in website, PC or mobile application. Following image shows how web browser display favicon of website.

PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF Images should have a maximum size of 2Mb.

About Favicon Generator Tool

FreeSEOToolBox brings you this high-utility tool to generate a favicon icon or URL icon easily within seconds. This is a completely free online tool that can be accessed from any device to generate favicon icons.

A favicon or shortcut icon is a small icon image that can be displayed next to the URL in browser tab. It is intended for use on web pages, especially those with many links. The primary purpose of the favicon is to provide an efficient way to navigate websites you already have open, reducing the need for users to then use your site's built-in navigation.

The Free SEOToolBox favicon generator free tool is the best and easiest way to create a custom favicon image for your website or online project. All you need to do is upload an image and this free tool will turn it into a 32x32 pixels square icon favicon size icon that looks great on all devices and browsers. The favicon image can be customized to fit your brand, business or personal preferences.

FreeSEOToolBox has designed this online favicon generator tool to help users create the favicons from images. These favicons can be used for commercial as well personal purposes without paying any charges. The tool can also be used as "favicon generator" free online.

A favicon is a small image that represents a website or webpage and is viewed in the browser tab. It aids users to easily identify websites they have opened and quickly navigate between them all. This favicon logo helps your potential customers and visitors by making it easy for them to navigate your website. This favicon logo also helps the search engines to identify your pages and rank them higher in the search results. What's more, all this favicons are free to use without any charges.

The following image shows a favicon with a classic 16x16 size. This is the standard size for most browsers and devices:

  • favicon generator 32x32

  • favicon generator 24x24

  • favicon generator 48x48

  • favicon generator 64x64

You can create favicon logo in PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF format. These favicons can be used for blog, websites, forums, Firefox browser and even various social networking sites like Facebook , Google+ etc.

To create your customized favicon just click on the "Create Favicon" button to upload your image file from your computer. Then select the size of the icon you want to create... And the rest is easy.

For those who don’t know, favicon is the shorter term for favorite icon and is also known as a shortcut icon, URL icon, bookmark icon, website icon, and tab icon. It generally appears with the URL of the website on the address bar. It is also shown to the left of the page title on the bookmark bar.

The following image shows a favicon with an orange background color, which is one of many choices to be made when creating your own web icon. To create this logo you simply need to upload an image and select a background color for it:

To create your favicon you need to use an online favicon generator tool for this particular task, which can be found here . You can also find additional information about the process on the same website. When creating the following image I used Pixlr Editor, which is a free web-based photo editor with great features and tools.

This free favicon generator tool is extremely convenient and is free to use. In addition, it promises efficient results without compromising on quality. You must use the image in any other format than .png to gain the best results. In addition, you should create various favicons icons and choose the best one. In addition, you can use favicons on social profiles to complement your brand. In addition, it is a great way to welcome visitors to your website and have them bookmark it.

The main purpose of this tool is to generate free favicons for your website, which will be displayed on all browsers. The best thing about this tool is that it gives you the opportunity to create various types of images so that you can choose the best one. Plus, the choice of colors is very helpful since it enables you to choose colors that are in line with your brand.

Before using this tool, there are some things that you need to know about it. First of all, make sure that you have an image less the size of 2MB. In addition, when creating a favicon it is recommended to choose only one image. However, when choosing the size of your image, make sure that it is a square less than or equal to the size of 256px. Finally, adding images with a specific format will result in poor quality.
First and foremost the benefit of using the tool is that it generates favicons for your website without any hassle. In addition, this favicon is transparent and it looks great on all browsers. In addition, the best thing is that you can create various types of images with different colors and you can choose the best one later on. Furthermore, this online tool can generator favicon from png and doesn’t require any special skills or specific knowledge because it works like a charm even for beginners.

This animated favicon generator is free to use and it looks great on the browser. In addition, this favicon is simple yet attractive at the same time. Furthermore, you can create various images so that you can select the best one later on. Finally, since this favicon has a transparent background it looks clean and great on browsers.
The benefits of using the amazing tool to create a favicon are definitely numerous. First and foremost, the fact that it is fast and simple means that you can make a favicon in less then a minute. In addition, the best thing about the tool is that it is available for free since there are no hidden charges or registration fees. Furthermore, this tool works great on all browsers and all operating systems. Finally, the main benefit of using the tool is that it looks professional and it’s simple to use.

This amazing online tool will help you create a favicon in less then a minute without any hassle. In addition, the best thing about the tool is that it works on any browser or OS. Furthermore, it is available for free. Finally, the tool is simple to use and it looks great on browsers.

I was really impressed by this amazing online tool which can be used in less then a minute. In addition, the best thing about the tool is that you can make various images with different sizes without any hassle. Furthermore, this favicon is available for free, which means that you don’t need to pay any hidden charges or registration fees. Finally, the best thing about this tool is that it looks professional and simple at the same time.


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