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About HTTP Headers Checker

When it comes down to the websites and web servers, inspecting the HTTPS headers is essential. In particular, you have to check HTTP response headers while requesting the URLs. FreeSEOToolBox has designed the HTTP server header checker to view HTTP headers online.

Checking HTTPS headers can be challenging, but this HTTP header checker tool by FreeSEOToolBox is the right choice. This is an online curl test that allows the analysis of URLs’ HTTPS response headers. The users can send the custom request headers and content-encoding options. As a result, the HTTP request header check tool will provide the curl output.

It can be used for verifying the server configurations. It can check if the file compression and hotlink protection are set up properly. The best part is that this tool allows the users to view HTTP headers online, and it works with HTTPS URLs as well. Checking the HTTP headers will help assess the status of the server and/or website.

When using the HTTP/HTTPS header check, you need to understand the HTTPS status codes. These status codes include 5xx (server error), 3xx (redirection error), 2xx (successful function), 4xx (client error), and connection error.

The curl is defined as the open-source command line for transferring the data with URL syntax. In the case of this tool, curl is used for transferring the HTTPS and HTTP requests.

The HTTP headers are known to be the hidden part of website response. The HTTP headers inform the browser what it must do while opening and viewing the websites. The HTTP headers can transfer data from the server to the browser, and vice versa. Also, they have information about the server, browser, and webpage.


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