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For everyone with a website, keeping track of website links is important. For this purpose, FreeSEOToolBox has come up with this link checker website online. If you have always wondered, “how to check all the links on a website?” this is the best yet free link analyzer tool online available on FreeSEOToolBox. The users can analyze the internal as well as external links of the website.

This is the external link checker online but is suitable for internal links as well. You can check total links in a website with this tool, and will break down the incoming and outgoing links of the website URL. The users can gain information about external links, internal links, and follow the link. The tool is designed to crawl the website and deliver an in-depth link analysis report within seconds.

It’s safe to say that this tool is the answer to “how to find a link on a website?” This is because the link analyzer tool will help access total website links on the webpage, number of external links, number of internal links, and number of follow and no-follow links. With this analysis tool, users can use the report to extract links from websites online.

Yes, this link analyzer tool by FreeSEOToolBox can be used for identifying the dead links. The dead link information can be used for removing the webpage quality. Even more, it’s beneficial because it helps optimize the search engine ranking.

FreeSEOToolBox has designed this effective and efficient link analyzer for website owners. It can provide information about outbound and inbound links of the website. The link analyzer can be used for making the link analysis of the website and comparing it to the competitors’ websites.


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