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About Internet Speed Tester

The Internet is an important part of our daily lives, but it’s evident that a slow internet connection is a nightmare. If you are struggling with slow internet speed, you can use the free network speed tester tool by FreeSEOToolBox for assessing the internet speed.

For people asking, “how do I test my home network speed?” or “how do I test my ethernet speed?” this is a promising tool. This network speed test can measure the network speed for an ethernet connection and wireless connection. The tool is suitable for assessing the upload and download speed. The tool can be used for gaining long-term information about the internet bandwidths. In addition, the users can measure the round-trip time and packet loss. The network speed tester tool is suitable for measuring the consistency and stability of the internet connection. The uptime of the internet connection is shown in percentage, while bandwidth is shown in other measurements. FreeSEOToolBox has designed the tool for tracking bandwidth dropping and connection outages.

FreeSEOToolBox has designed the network speed tester tool with higher efficiency and compatibility. This tool can work on Android smartphones, Linux, Windows, and HTML platforms. The tool can be run on the Windows PC as a server for assessing the stability of a Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, the network speed tester tool is available for free.

The information collected through the network speed tester tool will help design strategies for fixing the internet issues. In addition, the users will be able to select a reliable internet provider. Also, you will be able to determine the suitable router location and orientation of the antenna for receiving high-speed internet signals.


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