Terms of Services

02/09/2021 12:00 AM

Terms of Use

At FreeSEOToolBox, we are aware that the users trust us, and it’s our responsibility to protect the information and privacy of the users. As a part of our responsibility, we share which information is collected when users use our tools, why the information is collected, and how the information helps us improve the user experience. By using the tools on FreeSEOToolBox, the user's consent to the data practices outlined on this page.

The Use Of Personal Information

If users subscribe to the newsletter or emails, we are liable to use the personal email address about the services and products available on the platform and affiliated platforms. We may contact the users through surveys for research purposes about the potential of new products and improvements in current products.

If users disclose personal information on the blog, the information can be collected and used by other users. We do not sell, lease, or rent the information and lists to third-party platforms. FreeSEOToolBox may contact users from time to time on behalf of external business affiliates. In such cases, personal information is not transferred to third-party platforms.

Also, we may share information with the trusted partners for analytical purposes or for sending emails, providing customer support, and/or arranging the deliveries. The third parties are prohibited from using personal information except for providing the services, and they are promised to maintain the confidentiality of users’ information.

FreeSEOToolBox will disclose the personal information in good faith or, if required by law, the information can be disclosed without notice. In good faith belief, we disclose the information to comply with the legal processes, protecting the property or rights of FreeSEOToolBox, or under circumstances that demand the public and personal safety of the users.

The Collection Of Information

The data collected by FreeSEOToolBox can be accessed by various means, such as Google Cached Pages and Whois Lookup. Every report generated on this platform is stored in the database and is rendered public. The information can be indexed by search engines. FreeSEOToolBox will collect and use the information for operating the analysis tools and delivering the requested services.

The information that we collect includes estimated visitors, IP address, in-site SEO analysis, off-site SEO analysis, domain names, access times, usability, and website addresses. The collected information is used by FreeSEOToolBox for service operations and for providing stats about usage of the online and web tools.


By using FreeSEOToolBox, the users agree that they will not;

1- Disperse the information for any purpose other than compiling the internal database, reproduction, or redistribution of content through media or press

2- Create the derivatives works to make anything available to people indirectly or directly by any means

3- Allow or permit that anything can prejudice or infringe the proprietary rights of the company and licensor, or allow the third-party to access tools and content. The restrictions don’t apply to the extent of the limited restriction

4- Use the automated website grabbing software, website copier software, or website downloader for saving pages of the website for any potential use, be it viewing or offline

5- Use the blocking tools and software for preventing the display and loading of the advertisement from FreeSEOToolBox


The tools available on FreeSEOToolBox are not intended for any application without professional suggestions and advice. The collected information is for affording the guidelines on matters with common interests. The users can consult with SEO experts regarding specific information before making the final decision.

FreeSEOToolBox doesn't take any responsibility for different positions of the tools or the misunderstanding on the tools.

Protection Of Personal Information

No information is completely free. FreeSEOToolBox has implemented a wide range of security procedures and technology for protecting personal information. We secure the information in a controlled and protected environment from unauthorized access. When personal information is shared with other websites, it’s done so through high-end encryption technology.

Modification Or Changes To Statement

FreeSEOToolBox has the permission to update the terms of service upon reflecting the customer feedback and the company itself. We encourage the users to regularly review the terms of service to remain informed about how information is collected and protected. We will add the “last updated” date on the page to share when the change was made.


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