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About URL Rewriting Tool

Website popularity and identification are directly influenced by URLs. That being said, if you want to revamp the website URL, FreeSEOToolBox has designed the SEO URL rewriting tool. It’s the best URL rewriting tool online available for all users out there for free.

The URL rewriting in SEO is promised to enhance the organic traffic directly to the website by using the range of dynamic URLs. URL rewriting is the technology designed to create SEO-friendly and easy-to-read URLs. There are multiple tools available for rewriting the website URL, and FreeSEOToolBox has one of them.

FreeSEOToolBox has designed the URL rewriting tool that provides information about the URL’s indexed version of the specific webpage. In addition to rewriting the URLs, the tool can be used to identify structured data errors, AMP errors, and issues related to indexing. Before retrieving the rewritten URL, the users can check the currently indexed version. In addition, the tool allows the users to inspect the currently-live URL and request the URL indexing. FreeSEOToolBox allows the users to check out the rendered version of the URL.

The URL rewriting tool is curated to allow the users to convert dynamic URLs of web pages into user-friendly and SEO-friendly. It creates URLs that improve the ranking in search engines and capture higher organic traffic. People who want in-depth insights into the currently live URLs can also download the reports. The report outlined the SEO audit of the URL, so you can make changes accordingly. This tool is extremely convenient to use since it can rewrite the URL and provide a report within seconds. Lastly, it’s completely free. To summarize, the tool is designed to deliver high-quality and precise results.


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