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About Website Links Count Checker

The website competition has created sensitivity when it comes down to backlinking and general website handling. For easing the backlinking aspect, FreeSEOToolBox has designed the internal, external links checker to find external & internal links. The link count checker tool allows the users to determine the number of links on the webpage. So, are you ready to see how many sites are linked to your website?

This tool is a convenient and fast tool for checking links to the webpage. This is an outbound link checker, but it’s equally suitable to check the internal links. It is essential for website owners to check the external and internal links on the webpage to ensure the quality of the website. In addition, the tool is suitable for cost-effectiveness, and you won’t have to pay for link building or advertising.

It will help remove the web pages that have the chance of damaging the website’s reputation. Once you know the internal and external links, you can make an analysis by reviewing the relevance of links to the webpage.

FreeSEOToolBox has designed the website links count checker for tracking the backlinks, internal links, and external links. It’s a perfect tool for people who ask, “how do I check my website links?” The users can determine if the links are no-follow links or do-follow links. This is a beneficial tool for retrieving information that can enhance the webpage quality.

This website links count checker tool by FreeSEOToolBox can be used for gaining higher follow links. This is because you can use the link information to make changes in the web pages, hence higher appeal to the search engines.


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