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About Wordpress Theme Detector

WordPress is one of the prime choices for web developers to create a website easily. WordPress websites are extremely easy to customize. If you want to detect the themes on WordPress, FreeSEOToolBox has designed the most accurate WordPress theme detector tool for you.

This is the most convenient and popular website building tool with open-source CMS that’s available for free. WordPress has gained popularity for blogging systems and website management. The themes can be used for customizing the website as well.

The website owners often wonder, “how do I find out what theme a website is using?” FreeSEOToolBox has designed this WordPress theme detector online. With this tool, you just have to paste the specific WordPress website URL in the field, hit the enter button, and the tool will outline details about the installed theme. The WordPress theme detector will share information about theme name, homepage, author, description, tag, version, and author’s homepage. In addition, it delivers the theme screenshot as well. The tool provides a comprehensive report and is available for free. This tool can detect the theme of various websites and offers every bit of theme-related information

If you want to check if the website is made with WordPress, you can check the source code of the website and check the license .txt file. In addition, you can use the Chrome Sniffer Extension to see the building platform of the website.

Yes, FreeSEOToolBox has advanced technology, which ensures the extraction of accurate results. It creates a full-fledged report after detection. The report includes the author of the website, current version, tags, and theme name, and description. The WordPress theme detector is free to use, but there are no compromises on quality.