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About XML Sitemap Generator

Looking for a reliable and accurate XML sitemap generator? Now you don’t have to worry about updating the XML sitemap, as we bring you the best free XML sitemap generator!
XML is the extensible markup language and is the standard file format that is readable by machines. The format can be consumed by the search engines and feed readers. The sitemap XML is the document that allows Google to understand the website while it’s being crawled. For this purpose, people often use the XML sitemap generator tools.

If you want to create XML sitemap for website, the tool will list the URLs of the website in a proper and structured manner. It helps the website owners to add additional information about every URL. The information will include the last update date of the page, frequency of update, the importance of URL to the website, and how URL relates to other URLs of the website.

The XML sitemap generator Google will create the XML maps. The maps list down the pages according to additional information on every page. It helps the search engines to crawl the website in an improved manner. This is the prime reason that people use Google XML sitemap generator for static websites; it also helps search engines lead users to essential pages.

The XML sitemap best practices will help create the structure and ensure proper internal linking. It’s great for the new websites that don’t have external links or if the web pages have dynamic creation. The users can generate Google XML sitemap if the website has extensive archived content with ineffective linking. Also, it’s suitable if the website needs search engine indexing.

The sitemap.xml works as the roadmap of the website. It leads Google to the important web pages of the site. The XML sitemaps are suitable for search engine organization because it allows Google to find out the important web pages, even with ineffective internal linking. It’s an important point to consider because Google ranks and indexes the web pages rather than a complete website.
At FreeSEOToolBox, we bring to our users a free online unlimited XML sitemap generator with premium-quality functions. This tool will help users create effective and functional XML sitemaps for the website. The generated sitemap can be added to the website and yield benefits. This tool is designed to cater to the SEO needs for high-end ranking.

This is the free online unlimited XML sitemap generator that allows the users to create a sitemap with over five-hundred pages. In addition, the users can utilize XML sitemap generator – free unlimited pages for calculating the indexed pages on the website. That being said, if the webpage ranking is going down, the tool will help improve the ranking.