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About Get Youtube Video ID

YouTube Video ID Finder Online

By using this online tool, you can quickly locate the unique ID of any YouTube video, which is essential if you wish to embed the video on your website or use it in other applications. By using this tool, you will be able to obtain the video ID for any YouTube video without having to manually search.

YT Video ID

A URL for the video is all that is required in order to use the tool. When you submit the URL, the tool will quickly generate the video ID so that it can be accessed easily.

Follow these steps to obtain a YouTube video ID:

  • The YouTube video URL should be obtained.
  • You will need to enter the YouTube URL in the tool.
  • To obtain the YouTube video ID, click Get YouTube video ID.
  • Grab the video ID from YouTube.

YouTube Video ID Finder: What is it?

A YouTube Video ID finder allows you to locate the YouTube Video ID of any YouTube video by entering the URL of the video on YouTube. There is no need to register or log in to use this tool.

Exactly what is a YouTube video ID?

A YouTube video ID is a unique identifier for a video on YouTube. A YouTube video ID creates a unique URL that can be used to embed a YouTube video on any website. The video ID of a video cannot be changed.

What Is The Method For Getting A YouTube Video Id From A YouTube URL?

The YouTube app or URL can also be used to find a YouTube Video ID quickly.

YouTube video ID can be found in the YouTube app by following these steps:

  • Open the YouTube application.
  • Play the video on YouTube.
  • Select the link by clicking the share button.
  • Your clipboard has now been copied with the URL.
  • You may paste the URL anywhere on your computer.
  • In the URL, look for the part after the last slash "/" that contains the YouTube video ID.

In the URL "", the YouTube video ID is "30KqRUvegu4".

By using a web browser, you can find the YouTube video ID:

  • Visit the YouTube video.
  • Copy the URL from the browser address bar, for example. Please visit Please see video: JGwWNGJdvx8.
  • An YouTube Video ID may be found after "?v=" and may extend to a "&" in some cases.

The YouTube URL may appear as follows: "". A video ID is the part following the last slash "/" and preceding the "&".

What Is The Best Way To Find A YouTube Video URL?

Using the YouTube app or through any browser, follow the steps below to find the correct YouTube video URL.


  • The YouTube app should be opened.
  • Click on the YouTube video to view it.
  • Click the share icon.
  • By tapping the Share Link button, you can share the link with others.
  • Copying the YouTube video URL to the clipboard is performed.


  • Click on the browser icon.
  • Go to to view the video.
  • Click on the YouTube video to view it.
  • The video URL can be copied from the address bar of the browser.
  • Alternatively, you may click Share below the video and then click "Copy" next to the link.

It is now possible to paste the YouTube video URL into our tool in order to obtain the YouTube ID and thumbnail for the video.


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