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About Google Cache Checker

Gaining insights into the cached version of your website can be challenging but you can use the Google Cache Checker tool to identify the cached pages. The tool is also helpful in determining any visibility changes after a Google algorithm update. Luckily, the folks at CachedView have created a simple to use Google Cache Checker tool that captures cached pages of your website on Google SERPs within no time. All you need to do is type in the URL of your page and click "Check" for the tool to display cached pages. It detects if Google has indexed multiple pages of your site so you can choose the correct page.

However, since this is an external Best free google cache checker tool online, Google might take some time in updating results for it to reflect accurate information on the cached version of a website. After a recent update, a message is displayed below each cached page which might help you in identifying the last time Google indexed it.

It is basically a snapshot of the webpage which is taken by Google when the webpage is cached. 

It shows the web page as it was in the past. Google cache is an important tool to find out deleted pages, hacked sites, and cached web pages.

Webmasters can utilize the Google cache as a discovery mechanism by finding out why their site shows up in SERP for certain keywords but not others. This can be done by comparing the "fresh" content with the cached version of those pages. It is also useful for checking the indexed pages of the website.

You can easily find google cache by using google search operators. There are google cache specific google search operators like inurl: cache which can be used to find the google cache of any webpage.

For example, if you are looking for google cache of, Google would show the following search result:

You can also use google cache as a tool to find out if your website is indexed or not. You can do this by entering any keyword in the Google search box and then add the site operator along with on either side of your desired domain. For example, if you want to check the google index for then Google will show the following result:

This indicates that Google has indexed and it can be seen using the Google Cache Checker tool.

It is a tool designed by FreeSEOToolBox, so you can check out the cached pages along with the time and date when the webpages were cached. The tool is pretty easy to use and also helps check if the website is included in the search index of Google. Google Cache checker tool is free to use.

All you have to do is type the URL of the website in the search box. Once you enter the URL, it will take some time to check whether or not Google has cached that particular web page. If your website isn't listed under Google Cache. It's not indexed in Google.

If your website is listed under Google Cache, It will show the status with time and date along with the number of links on that page. You can also check the cached pages by clicking on the "Cached" link found below the title.

The tool is pretty simple and easy to use, but it may not be of much help if you are checking for multiple URLs at once because it will take some time to load each webpage one by one.

The best free Google Cache Checker tool is suitable for SEO professionals, webmasters, and website owners, so they can check the cache version of the webpages and complete websites. Also, the tool doesn’t demand you to sign up on any platform or create an account. You can use this tool to check the Google Cache of any webpage within a second, and it will display the cached results. In addition, the Google Cache gives snapshots of web pages that are present on the internet or indexed by Google. It helps you to view the data as it looked on a particular date and time. Such snapshots may help users find out about pages that have been taken offline.

The checking page cache checker tool can be a great tool to find out links that you have lost. Also, you can find out whether or not your website or a particular page is indexed by Google or not. In addition, the Google Cache checker tool helps check for viruses or malware that may have been injected into your site.

The page cache checker solves the problem in just one simple step. Just use it to identify cached pages of your website and get updated data about them (authority, ranking, date updated) directly from Google's servers.
Enter all your URLs in bulk and Choose "Check" or "Submit" to use the genuine Google Cache Checker. You can even stop after updating cached pages of one URL by ticking "Cancel". On the other hand, you can obtain extensive data about multiple cached pages of your website by clicking the "Generate all results" button.

The tool collects information on caching websites within 2-3 minutes after running and checks whether Google has already indexed it or not. If there is no index page yet, CachedView starts fetching them only if certain conditions are met (you should make sure to check which ones).

Google Cache Checker Tool provides Results to Update cached pages of your website. It is 100% working by using our tool users are able, you should check Google page cache results before submitting them into the directory or another online directory site Apart from that this free google finder tool helps readers while authoring blog posts, social media comments, etc.


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