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For every website, having access to and implementing high-quality links can deliver a competitive edge over other websites. For this purpose, the good and best backlink checker tool can be utilized for beating the competitors while acquiring increased traffic. With FreeSEOToolBox, we have designed the best free backlink checker tool that’s readily available for every website owner!

How the website performs in the SERPs depends on the backlinks and content, and these two are the most important factors. It’s safe to say that backlinks are extremely essential and must be an important consideration for website owners. In simpler words, the backlinks have to be treated with importance because they will directly influence how the profile appears.

That being said, backlink checker free online can help analyze the backlinks to check the current performance and what steps can be taken to improve the ranking.

At FreeSEOToolBox, we are offering the best free backlink checker tools that help users develop the analysis of the website backlinks. This is a well-integrated tool for pulling out and displaying the in-depth backlinking reports for the active web pages and websites. With this tool, the users can track the origin of backlinks and conduct the backlink audit and analysis.

The tool can be used for researching the quality content and seeing which pages have the capacity to bring in the higher link count. In addition, the users can find out the high-quality backlinks and identify patterns.

The backlink checker is designed to deliver top-notch results, and it does much more than outline the website backlinks. To begin with, it can show the URL that’s linking to the website and show the anchor text used for backlinking. Also, it can be used for checking the link type and URL rating of the specific website.

After users gain information about the backlinks and website performance, it can be used for optimizing the search engine ranking. In addition, it can be used for lost link recovery, backlink auditing, and building beneficial relationships. Last but not least, it can be used for developing an improved backlink profile.


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