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With the increase in website utilization, the website owners have become particular about the webpage file size as it can directly impact the performance and loading speed. FreeSEOToolBox has designed the webpage size checker tool that’s curated to determine the size of a webpage. This tool is an apt choice for users who want to check webpage size online.

The website performance relies on the loading time because faster loading time results in a reduced bounce rate. The free website page size checker by FreeSEOToolBox can be used for measuring the size of the webpage. It will tell the webpage size in KBs. Generally, the average size should be 3MBs because it results in a faster loading time. On the other hand, a webpage size higher than 3MB will increase the bounce rate that negatively influences the traffic.

FreeSEOToolBox has designed this webpage file size checker for people who are asking, “how do I find out the size of a webpage?” The tool is designed to inform the average size of the webpage. All you need to do is enter the webpage’s URL, and the checker will calculate the size of a specific URL. The webpage file size checker has efficient performance and will provide instant outcomes. On top of everything, the webpage file size checker is 100% free.

The checker can be used for assessing the file size of the webpage within a few seconds. The users won’t have to struggle because the tool is automated. In addition, this is a 100% free tool and doesn’t even have hidden charges. The report will help you reduce the bounce rate and enhance the webpage traffic.