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About Keyword Density Checker

Assessing keyword density is important for website owners and SEO professionals to get higher Google rankings. For this reason, FreeSEOToolBox has designed a keyword density checker for free. It can be used for analyzing the keyword density of any webpage. The tool is free to use and makes an apt choice for website owners.

Keyword density is the number of times the keyword is present in the webpage as compared to the total words on the webpage. That being said, keyword density analysis delivers information about the percentage of various phrases and keywords of specific web pages. The analysis will help determine if the webpage is relevant to specific phrases or keywords or not. So, “how do I check keyword density?” questions will be answered with this tool.

According to SEO experts, the ideal keyword density ranges from 1% to 2%. This means that the keyword or phrase should appear only one or two times in 100 words. This keyword density is good enough to ensure that the webpage appears on the search engine pages.

The keyword density checker tool is designed by FreeSEOToolBox to calculate the keyword density of the webpage. It allows the users to analyze the entire webpage or specific text. The tool will deliver information about the total keywords, the loading time of pages, the tag cloud, and the keyword density of every web page.

Yes, the keyword density still matters because this is how web pages appear on the search engine pages. People often ask, “does Google use keywords for SEO?” and the answer is yes. Google prefers the webpages with proper keywords.