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To use Line Counter, Paste test in the given textarea box below and this tool will show you how many lines are there in your text or word document.

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About Line Counter

If you have designed the page or have written the content but want to count the lines, FreeSEOToolBox has the best free line counter tool online for free. 

We have a single tool that offers Line Counter, Word Counter, Character Counter, and Sentence Counter. Using this method it is easy for people to quickly check the number of words, characters, and sentences they have used in their written works.

This tool is commonly used by bloggers, students, writers, and Twitter character counters to check or count their characters. You can word count on google docs, word count on Microsoft, word count in excel, and many other tools (see below).

This character checker tool is especially useful for teachers who need to grade papers quickly. The ability to see how many words are on the page it makes grading quicker than ever before. It is worth noting that if you try to print directly from this counter, sometimes it will not print all the words. If you want to ensure all the words count, we suggest that you copy and paste it into a word document first before printing.

This is the online tool designed by FreeSEOToolBox which can be used for calculating the number of lines in the content. There are three modes, such as count empty lines, count all lines, and count non-empty lines. In addition, it has the trim lines option which is suitable for removing the whitespaces and creating empty lines. 

The tool is very easy to use, just paste the content. The tool will count the lines for you, along with each character's line, and also provides word, character, and sentences length reports. This free line counter tool will provide you with the number of lines in each paragraph, section, or whole file (text) that you want to count.

This sentence counter tool is very effective for checking text length before submitting online, especially for blogging. Just paste your article and check how many lines are present in it. If there are more than 500+ line counts means you need to make improvements. The free online line counter does not require any registration or log-in to use. This tool is free and provides all features for you.

To begin with, this tool is completely free to use and you only need a proper internet connection. The tool shows instant and quick results. The users don’t need to create an account or register the account. Also, it is an automated tool since you don’t have to press any buttons. 

There are a lot of tools that can help you with a page count but how to count lines and measure their length? Google search will give you a lot of paid and free line counter tools but we at have found the best online tool to get this done for free. The Page Line Counter tool shows the overall statistics of a webpage.

The overall statistics include a number of lines, words, and characters per line i.e. a number of sentences on a page with their character count, word count, and a number of lines (paragraphs). This makes it easy for you to not only know if your content is engaging but also have the numbers to back it up.

As you can see in the image, this is what the Page Line Counter tool looks like. The tool shows the results instantly. You will get all these details on the top of the tools Just copy paste your entire article directly from notepad or any other source and paste it in the text box provided by the line counter tool. Your data will show up on the main page.

We hope that this tool may assist you in your SEO efforts. If there are any additional online tools that can help you with line counts, please join our email list by completing the form on top of this page.



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