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To use Line Counter, Paste test in the given textarea box below and this tool will show you how many lines are there in your text or word document.

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About Line Counter

If you have designed the page or have written the content but want to count the lines, FreeSEOToolBox has the best free line counter tool online for free.
This is the online tool designed by FreeSEOToolBox which can be used for calculating the number of lines in the content. There are three modes, such as count empty lines, count all lines, and count non-empty lines. In addition, it has the trim lines option which is suitable for removing the whitespaces and creating empty lines.
To begin with, this tool is completely free to use and you only need a proper internet connection. The tool shows instant and quick results. The users don’t need to create an account or register the account. Also, it is an automated tool since you don’t have to press any buttons.