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About Page Speed Checker

The website development and utilization have increased, but website owners need to ensure better speed and performance for yielding desired results. For this purpose, FreeSEOToolBox has designed the best website speed test. This is the free website speed test available for all users.

The website owners have to ensure higher speed and performance of the websites. Since websites land on Google search results, Google has said that a website with a score higher than 90 is considered high-speed and high-performance. So, the Google web speed test is suitable for assessing the website's performance and speed score in line with Google's suggestions.

FreeSEOToolBox has designed the website speed test free for the website owners and developers. The tool can be used for spinning up the website on different platforms, such as Firefox, Google, Internet Explorer, and PhanntomJS. The checker is designed to track various details to deliver an in-depth review of website speed and performance on different channels, devices, and platforms. The web and mobile page speed checker is suitable for assessing the size and quantity of page elements. It checks the allocation of HTML files, CSS files, images, and script files. The report is provided with information on load progression, response headers, request headers, and URLs.

Chrome has around 60% of public browsing, but there is still space left for Internet Explorer and Firefox. FreeSEOToolBox’s speed checker uses Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer for assessing page speed. We always use the latest version of the browser to assess the speed. The checker tool locates the checkpoints to ensure we are analyzing the website and mobile page based on your target user base.


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