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About URL Encode and Decoder

It doesn’t matter if you want to decode the URL or encode it; FreeSEOToolBox has got you covered with a URL encoder decoder online. With this online URL decoder/encoder, you just have to upload the website URL and get the results instantly.

This is an online URL encode and URL decode tool for the text strings. Generally, the URLs are uniformly encoded. The URL encoder decoder online tool utilizes a two-step process for concerning the URLs with more than 60 characters. The first step is to convert the strings into bytes through UTF-8 encoding, and the second step is converting every byte to %HH.

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Online URL percent-encoding and decoding have become crucial for website owners, but they must understand the allowed characters for the URL. The characters for the URL must be extracted from the reserved and unreserved ASCII characters. However, it doesn’t allow other characters. The reserved characters can be coded in specific conditions, while unreserved characters can be encoded, but it’s not encouraged.

To begin with, this free URL encoder & decoder for instant encoding can be used when the data is entered in HTML form. The tool is suitable for people who want to encode and decode URLs and HTML links. Also, the tool is available for free, hence the quick availability.